Miss Dior, I Adore

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Natalie Portman brings class and natural beauty into high end society by being the face of Dior. Dior’s advertisements for the “Miss Dior” fragrance should be an inspiration into any woman’s life. There is a perfect balance of tranquility and sexuality. The feeling portrayed through pink roses and soft colors can be brought into our ...


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The Palmilla Restaurant in Hermosa Beach, CA has an architectural presence with its black and white facade. The interiors has great details with stones, carved illuminated tabletops, and light fixtures.  The neutral color palette allows room for bold textures and patterns.  

From the Red Carpet to the Streets

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Kate Hudson looked stunning at the Golden Globes wearing a dress by Alexander McQueen and jewelery by Jennifer Meyer. Most of us will agree that we wish we could have a dress as fabulous as this one in our wardrobes. However, the odds are usually not in our favor, whether it is due to the ...

Mod Life: From Fashion to Interiors

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The actress/singer Leighton Meester was feautured in Marie Claire back in June of 2012. I was intrigued by one of her pictures that was a flashback to the 1960s. She’s wearing a mod and colorful dress and polka dot stocking with dramatically teased hair. This style of the 1960s mod was energetic and daring. Not only is ...

Pop Art Hotel

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The hotel Pop Art is located in Mexico City. They have hotel and motel rooms with jacuzzis featured. The entire design of the hotel is based on the movements of Pop Art and Modernism. Psychedelic colors and a play on height is used to mimic the art. The play on height is seen in not only ...


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Implementing the human face in interiors creates a unique accent. This is a modern style, which will give your space not only character, but also something to remember it by. Faces can be seen in art, sculpture, and even furniture. Above are images of successful pieces portraying faces. Written By Kristina Mouritzen 1. Faces Mirror ...

The Power Of Two: Ombre Meets Chevron

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  The ombre effect and the chevron pattern have been all the rage recently. Both are simple, yet fun and edgy accents to bring home. It only makes sense that the two of them, working together, make a bold statement. Above are images that portray how effective this technique can be. Small accents of an ...

Attic Living

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Designing an attic can be a daunting challenge at first. They tend to be dark and unwelcoming. The extra space however can be very valuable. A fresh coat of paint is probably necessary and make sure there is plenty of lighting too. Brightening up the space will freshen up the space in no time and actually make you want to live ...